About Us

Our attitude is one of compassion, care, and the drive to give our customers the best possible service. We treat doctors and patients just as we treat our loved ones.

Irina Tylman
President, Lenco Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc

Excellence in Clinical Diagnostics

Founded in 2002, Lenco Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc. offers unparalleled clinical diagnostic services. Our commitment to excellence is ensured by tireless technological innovation. As a full-service clinical reference laboratory renowned for excellence and expertise, we are continuously engaged in meeting the needs of physicians, clients, and their patients.

From People to the People

Our success is our people: a team of highly dedicated specialists in the field with the best credentials, experience, and professionalism available in the industry and a commitment to providing a high-quality service that has people’s needs as the main priority.

We set the industry standard for customer service with:
  • The best turnaround times in diagnostics
  • Our first-time-right service, [every time]
  • Our State-of-the art IT Department, enabling clients with secure internet access to patient results anywhere and at any time

Our customer care team of friendly, polite and experienced staff ensures that all queries are answered quickly – putting an end to button-pushing and long, frustrating waits on the phone.

Why Us?

Unlike other laboratories, Lenco’s fast and efficient services are tailormade specific to the needs of every client. We offer follow-up, face-to-face consultations and customer support to help our clients grow their practices and provide their patients with the best possible care. We are dedicated to always going an extra mile by combining our inherent lateral thinking abilities, cutting-edge technology, and high-standard professionalism.

Our Certificates